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Working with Big Snoot Suits was such a pleasure. From the very beginning I was shown respect, the process was clearly explained to me, and I was able to setup a very reasonable payment plan. Nick communicated with me consistently throughout the process to ensure that everything was being constructed how I wanted it, and he was flexible with suggestions I made for alterations. Once my suit was done, I was blown away at the quality of the suit. It was on par with something I'd expect from a well-known fursuit maker. He did a phenomenal job. I'll definitely be returning to him down the road for additional work. 


Big Snoot Suits is an incredible maker I'd highly recommend! He helped bring Nova to life better than I could have ever imagined! His communication is a main priority of his and it absolutely shows! He walked me through every step of the way and sent so many progress photos and updates! He was also very forgiving with changes and asked in detail what I wanted changed or added and incorporated those changes into the suit accordingly. His partner is also a joy to work with, as they made my custom liner for my suit and it turned out not only super adorable-- but it helps keep my fursuit head and paws nice and cool in the heat. I can't get enough of how amazing my suit turned out, really. If you're looking for high quality, excellent communication and a good price, commission Big Snoot Suits! <3 


It has been an absolute joy to work with Big Snoot Suits, my first but not last commission was for my Hawaiian Dragatiel head. It came out way better than I could have ever imagined. It's comfortable to wear and it looks great. Communication was almost perfect. During the measuring phase of my head, the graphic didn't entirely describe what to do. I think this was the only time I got confused and had to ask for clarification. The overall experience was fantastic and smooth. I will write a follow-up review for part two of my commission.

Yours truly,
Smyal the Hawaiian Dragatiel


Alright! I gotta say tho. I worked with a lot of artists and a previous suit maker, but I never had an experience with Big Snoot Suits and Nick himself. It was so wonderful working with him and they communicate so well! That’s the thing I appreciated so much. I highly recommend Big Snoot Suits as I value their practices and values. 


This is Arrow, the owner of 2 Stupid Furs, giving my review for my half of a trade with Big Snoot Suits.

I contacted Nick seeing if they would be interested in a blind box head trade and was ecstatic when they accepted! We gave each other 3 mood board prompts to choose from and would not see the suit until we met in person. Communication throughout was excellent! This was my first time meeting up with someone regarding my suits, both Nick and Captain were extremely kind and easy going. I was so happy that the goat was picked for my half and was even better than I could have imagined! Beautifully crafted and very well-placed coloring and marking, I especially love the star on the ears. I would like to give props also to the nose which with goats I know can be difficult. The suit was fully lined (with a cute business tag) and the ventilation and vision (even with the eyes being far apart to symbolize a goat) was also great! Fits amazing and was comfortable to wear! Even though this was not a commission, I had a 5 star worthy experience! This is my first suit I’ll own made by someone other than me, and I can’t wait to be able to wear it to cons!


This suit is my first ever commissioned suit, and I couldn't be happier. He is the most comfortable thing I've worn on my head, his eyes were a bit hard to see out of but that was just the mesh, Big Snoot Suits gladly edited his eyes! He now has the best vision in a suit I've experienced. He's like a comfort object to me, so close to my heart. Big Snoot Suits also did something new to them, pickable nostrils! And it came out amazing! (I love sticking glow sticks through his nose) His tail is perfectly long and is fun to wear, it has a nice foam base to keep it steady. His hand paws needed a little de-fluffing, but that's no fault of Big Snoot Suits, I'm just a weirdo who likes thin beans. And his feet, oooooh his feet. Absolutely amazing, so fun to stomp around with. Finally his arm sleeves: super comfortable, perfectly fitting, soft and grippy around the edges to keep my arms from being irritated. I love this suit so much that I want my next suit, and other future suits to be made by him. I can't wait to commission more of my characters! 

King Thomas Gungeus III

To whomst it may concern,

It came upon mine attention that I was in need of proper attire for an upcoming ball, a meager soiree by the name of "Anthro Northwest", and Thunderpup did recommend to me his tailor. The humble craftsman asked only a modest fee, and despite my original vague request that he merely clad me in something appropriate, having little experience in this strange process, the tailor kindly and patiently consulted mine royal opinion, offering splendorous suggestions and grand concepts, until my mercurial interest in the design became a flaming passion. He sent frequent missives to appraise me of his progress, and I found myself in amazement of what he could fabricate from his simple craft. It wasn't long until he produced the finished product, a glorious replica of mine royal visage beaming back upon me, or a "partial" in the vernacular of the tailor's cantor. I found myself exceptionally eager to don the piece and was subsequently disappointed when the fit was just the slightest bit askew. I was remise to voice my discomfort, but to my surprise, this craftsman was eager to discover any critique I had of the piece, inquiring incessantly if I was certain I was content with the product. No sooner had I meekly announced mine concern for the fit than he'd taken the piece and returned to his workshop, adjusting his work in within several days, and resubmitting the commission to my inspection. I have yet to find a craftsman more eager to aim for the pleasure of his patrons, and his work is beyond superb. I'll certainly return to his workshop should I ever find myself in requirement of his services again.


I was so fortunate to come across the Big Snoot team when I finally decided to take the plunge and get my first fursuit. My goal was to create a character that would make everyone smile and when I saw those big beautiful Big Snoot suits with the friendly, open expressions, I knew I had found the maker for me!

I was starting from scratch with no former fursuit experience, but I never felt lost with Nick and Captain. Captain took my ideas and the template I had colored in and worked with me to make a stellar refsheet for Softie - and at lightning speed too! I couldn't stop smiling when we finalized Softie's design! Then, it was Nick's turn to shine as we moved on to the suit itself.

From the very beginning, Nick showed that his first concern was making Softie just how I wanted them. He listened to all my questions, concerns, and suggestions and together we made Softie even better than I could have imagined! Nick was so enthused to help make Softie a reality that we finished early and Softie was on my doorstep a month ahead of schedule! 

The suit is incredibly adorable and so comfortable to wear thanks to Nick's attention to detail and all the thoughtful features he included! I just had my first public outing yesterday and sure enough, Softie made everyone smile. It was everything I dreamed of when I first conceived of them! We're at 20 smiles and counting, including those of myself and the people I live with!

I can't thank the folks at Big Snoot Suits enough for designing and constructing Softie with all the love and care I feel for them myself. I really can't imagine getting through this incredible undertaking with anyone else!



hello my name is arka and im here to hype up nick and captain because they're SUCH an incredible and lovely duo!

When I first reached out to them to commission a fursuit, I did not have a ref sheet and I hardly had any art. They were both SO HELPFUL throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions!! and i never felt stupid, which is really surprising because i didnt know CRAP about fursuits before i went through this process.

The time between when I first contacted Nick and when I actually received my fursuit was SEVEN MONTHS which is actually BONKERS, especially considering that there were several people ahead of me in the queue. And holy crap, the quality is incredible. These suits are made to last through the freaking apocalypse and they will look amazing the entire time. Like seriously Nick and Captain are the hidden treasure of the furry fandom. 

Nick will work through ANYTHING and is very accommodating!! I wanted to get a squeaker in my tail really badly and it wasn't listed on the site but Nick was like "all right I got you" and now I have a squeaker in my tail!! Nick responds to all dms within like 4 hours it's kind of crazy.

Also, I do not sweat in my suit, period. I know I'm biased because I only have a partial, but the suit is so well designed that the muzzle fan and my balaclava are enough to not make me sweat. It's easy for me to suit for 10+ hours a day (not all at once because water and food is important); everything is super comfortable and my finger escapes allow me to text and manipulate objects while still being a cute dawg!

My fan broke once, probably because i was playing dodgeball in suit or doing some stupid shit. I contacted Nick about it and he sent me a replacement practically immediately. What can I say, the homie's got my back

One more thing about Big Snoot Suits. I have become really good friends with my fursuit brothers. It's just a really nice group and it's always a blast to hang out and cause mischief at cons!

I'm SO SO SO HAPPY I went with my gut during my fursuit research and reached out to Nick. I remember going through the other websites and I just felt in my gut that Big Snoot Suits was the right maker for me. If anyone is reading this and is considering commissioning Nick, the answer is yes. Stop whatever you're doing and send Nick an email. Unless commissions aren't open right now you should probably check that first. But if they're open, GET A BIG SNOOT SUIT!!!