Terms of Service

Please read!

You must be 18 or older to commission me. A government photo ID as well as a photo of you with your ID is required. These Terms of Service (ToS) are a binding contract between the client and I. Minors cannot enter into a contract. I am happy to work with the parents of anyone under 18.

You are expected to read and understand these ToS, and by putting down a deposit, you agree to abide by these ToS. You will also be asked to sign a copy of this ToS.

My fursuits are handmade and imperfections will be present. Translating a character from 2D to 3D won’t always be 100% accurate. I will interpret the artwork to the best of my abilities and the fursuit will be executed in my style.

I work in a toony style only and do not make realistic or kemono suits. I do not make body suits, movable jaws, or work with LEDs. I will never accept commissions for copyrighted characters or arachnids. I will not copy another maker's style.

I reserve the right to update these ToS at any time. However, the version of the ToS you sign will be the version we both will abide by throughout the duration of your commission. Please retain your copy for your reference.

Custom Commissions

I require a Safe For Work (SFW) reference of your character that includes a front, side, and back view. Anything less than this will not be accepted. Censored references are fine. Any markings or accessories must be consistent throughout all views of the character. Measurements will be required along with your deposit based on what you plan on ordering from me.

If you need help finding an artist for your reference, I highly recommend my illustrator, Captain. I have worked with him for years, and his work and turnaround times are impeccable.

Queue Information

If you are interested in commissioning me and would like to go on my queue, you must:

Sign these Terms of Service, verify your age, and pay a minimum $10 down-payment. This tells me you are serious about working with me and secures your place in my queue. This will also act as a credit toward your final quote.


A quote from me does not mean I have accepted your commission. A 30% non-refundable deposit must be paid before work begins. This deposit secures your commission and allows me to purchase materials needed. Fursuits are luxury items and you must be serious about the purchase of one before commissioning me.

I accept Square only. Please hold on to all of your receipts and copies, and I will also keep strict documentation of your payments. I no longer accept PayPal payments.

Payment in full is always appreciated and preferred, but payment plans are available for the remaining 70% only. A minimum of $100 each week on an agreed upon day will be required. If a payment is missed for the week, it will be added onto next week's payment.

Example: Week 2's payment of $100 was missed. Week 3's payment will now be $200.

If two weeks of payments are missed in a row, work on your commission will pause until you are caught up.

Commissions are expected to be paid off within 90 days for anything $1400 or less, and 180 days for anything $1500 and up after beginning work. Your commission will not be shipped out until full payment is rendered.

If you fail to pay off the commission within the outlined time periods, I reserve the right to alter the commission from the original design and sell it. If problems with payments arise, please get in contact with me as soon as possible and we will work out a plan.


If you cancel your commission before work has begun, you will be refunded 70% of your payment, minus the 30% non-refundable deposit. If work has begun, you will be refunded 50% of any payment after the deposit. If the commission has been completed and received by the client, there will be no refunds or returns. If it is still in my possession, I will refund 50% of what was paid after the deposit. I reserve the right to alter the commission from the original design and sell it.

In the unlikely event that I am unable to complete your commission due to illness/injury or any kind of emergency, you will be refunded the entirety of your payment. If materials have been purchased and work begun, you will be refunded the difference. You will also be mailed the materials and what I have completed so far.

If the client/artist relationship becomes hostile, I reserve the right to cancel your commission. You will be refunded the entirety of your payment. If materials have been purchased and work has begun, you will be refunded the difference.

Loss of Contact

If I make several attempts to contact you and receive no reply within 30 days, the commission will be considered abandoned and the 30% deposit will not be refunded. 50% of your payment afterwards will be refunded if work has begun. Your project will be cancelled, and you must begin the process again for a new quote. Keep in mind that prices may go up between the time of your last quote and a new one.

Design Changes

If any changes are made to the design of your character and work hasn’t begun, there shouldn’t be any trouble implementing them into your commission. If materials have been purchased and work has begun, the price of your commission may increase or may not even be possible. Design changes can also result in delays. In any case, please be certain of your character’s design before commissioning me.


A one-year warranty for free repairs goes into effect upon receipt of your commission. Repairs will be made for wear and tear due to normal use. Normal use includes walking, sitting, crouching, and dancing. Damage from poor storage, dry cleaning, and adult activities is not covered. After one year, repairs are subject to fees. You are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

If the commission has been altered by you or another maker, the warranty is void and will not be accepted for repairs.

Fursuits are works of art, not clothing. Special care is needed to ensure their longevity. Please wash your fursuit before sending it back for repairs. Fursuits sent back dirty will incur a cleaning fee.

Completion Dates/Deadlines

I will provide you with an estimated completion date that falls within a turnaround period of 3-6 months, depending on what you have ordered. This may be subject to change, and you will be notified of any delays or completion ahead of time.

I will try to honor any deadlines, but they must be at least 3 months out and the commission fully paid off. This is not a guarantee and I do not offer refunds if the date is missed.


Shipping is not included with your quote. You are required to pay shipping which is estimated at the time of sending out your fursuit. All orders will be mailed USPS with tracking. International buyers must be prepared to pay any customs fees. Packages will not be marked as a gift.

Once the commission is turned over to USPS, I am not responsible for any late, damaged, or lost products.


I retain all credit and rights for the creation of and photos I take of the commission. I will also post finished photos and works in progress (WIPs) of your commission on my social media. If you would like to keep your commission a secret until its debut, please let me know.

Liability Disclaimer

I am not responsible for any harm that comes to you as a result of wearing my fursuits, including but not limited to injury from restricted vision, movement, or heat exhaustion. By seeking to commission a fursuit in the first place, it is assumed that you have done research and are well aware of the risks that come with wearing them. Always practice safe suiting habits. If you are unsure, there are plenty of guides online that discuss how to suit properly and stay hydrated.

Please Note

My household is free of smoke/marijuana.

I live with a cat, but they are not allowed in my work room and every attempt is made to prevent their dander from coming into contact with my work. Still, please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to pet dander.

Your information is safe with me and will never be shared or sold to anyone else.

Transparency about my work and business is extremely important to me. I will be upfront with you about any delays, and we will work together to find a solution if a concern arises. I strive to be a maker and person you can depend on, and I will never actively avoid you or fall out of contact for weeks, months, or years.

Checking in with your order is acceptable, and I will reply to you within 48 hours. However, please do not message me every day for an update. I require breaks to tend to matters in my own life, such as appointments, friends, mental health, and other such things. Frequently asking me for progress updates only slows me down and subjects me to unnecessary anxiety. Please be reasonable about checking in, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Please keep all
discussions with me related to your commission. My work keeps me extremely busy, and I unfortunately don't have the time to chat about unrelated topics.

Your satisfaction is very important to me. If upon receiving a WIP of your commission you find that you don’t like a certain aspect of it, let me know and I will do my best to correct it. Please don’t tell me that everything looks great, only to tell me later that you are unhappy when it’s difficult or impossible to go back and fix the problem. This will result in delays and a fee of $25 an hour to redo a previously approved step.

I reserve the right to refuse or cancel your commission at any time. I also reserve the right to be treated with respect, and so do you. Verbal/written harassment, threats, and slander will not be tolerated. I will work with you to the best of my abilities to ensure that you receive a product that you love, and only ask for your patience, respect, and cooperation.

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