Meet the Team

Hello! I'm Nick (he/him), the owner and fursuit maker of Big Snoot Suits!

I got started in 2014, and after graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design, I moved out to the west coast to work as an artist at Laika for the movie Missing Link. While I still consider myself a novice maker with a handful of fursuits under my belt, I'm improving with each one I make. I pride myself on my hard work and dedication to this craft, and I would love to work with you to make your character come to life!

Hi! I'm Captain (he/him), and I'm the illustrator and co-designer for Big Snoot Suits.

I'm a proud alumnus of Columbus College of Art & Design, having received my BFA in Illustration. I have also worked at Laika on the movie Missing Link. My true passion lies in character design, but I also love working in graphic design to create fun logos and patterns for other artists and fursuit makers.