Fursuit Gear

Below you'll find various items that we have found useful for fursuiting, as well as items recommended by other makers and fursuiters. They're sure to make your experience a lot more fun!

Recommended Gear

Lycra gloves
Water bottles
O2 Cool necklace fan
'-2' Aquarium tubing straw
UnderArmour HeatGear leggings
UnderArmour HeatGear balaclava
UnderArmour HeatGear sports bra
UnderArmour HeatGear long sleeve shirt

Care Items

Fursuit sprays
Slicker brushes
Sewing needles

Mesh laundry bags
Matching color threads

Woolite delicate detergent

Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner

Other Useful Gear

Paw Dryers
Head Dryers
Bodysuit Dryer
Fursuit Sandals
EZCooldown Vest
CamelBak Hydration Pack

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