Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for quotes/commissions?

Check here for our commission status. Look for announcements on our Twitter and Instagram for when we are about to open!

Do you make body suits?

We no longer make body suits.

Do you accept payment plans? Can I pay in full?

Yes and yes! Our payment plans are as low as $100 a week, but you are more than welcome to pay the total cost upfront.

I have a base from another maker. Will you fur it for me?

No. We custom sculpt our own fursuit heads and thus know exactly how to fur them. We have no experience with bases from other makers, especially molded or 3D printed bases.

Will you repair/refurbish my fursuit from another maker?

No. We have no experience with refurbishing other makers’ work and would hate to mess up your fursuit.

Will you make X species?

We are willing to make most species with the exception of arachnids. Feel free to ask!

Can you make my fursuit realistic/semi-realistic/kemono?

No. We only work in a toony style.

Can you make a fursuit head with a moving jaw?

No. All our fursuit heads come with static jaws.

Will you make my Pokésona or other copyrighted species/character?

No. We will not make any fursuit of a character from or inspired by a copyrighted intellectual property.

Which hand/foot do I wear my paws on?

It doesn't matter. The paws are designed to be worn on either hand or foot, unless the hand paws have 5 fingers.

I have a fabric I’d like to use in my suit. Can I send it to you?

We're willing to consider the use of your own fabrics. If accepted, you will be responsible for shipping the fabric. Any material left over will be shipped back to you with your completed commission.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Absolutely! As with U.S. clients, international clients are also responsible for shipping as well as any customs fees.

Do you offer local pickup?

No. All suits will be shipped USPS.