Behind the Scenes


All heads are custom sculpted with upholstery foam and have static jaws. The mouth and eyes are lined with fleece and machine-sewn to the neoprene head lining for a clean look. The neck is not lined to prevent trapping heat. Four vents are left open in the foam to allow heat to escape, two in front of the ears and two behind. The muzzle is also hollowed out for better airflow.

The whites of the eyes are 3D printed and very sturdy. Print lines are filled with wood filler and sanded down for a smooth finish. They are then spray-painted and sealed with clear acrylic. The eyes are designed on the computer and shown to the client for approval, then painted on high-visibility solar mesh screen. Finally, they are sealed with a clear acrylic to prevent water damage. Care must still be taken to ensure their longevity. 

As with most fursuits, vision will be poor, as there will always be a blind spot in the center. We do my best to mitigate this by making the eyes as close together and forward-facing as possible. Please, always have a handler present while wearing any fursuit. Suiting during the day or in brightly lit rooms is also recommended for the best vision and your safety.

Teeth usually consist of two upper canines, two lower canines, and two lower incisors made from stuffed neoprene. A full set of teeth is available for an extra fee. Tongues are permanently glued in and can be fleece or minky. Customers also have the option to choose interchangeable tongues held in by a hook and loop fastener. The fastener is glued to the mouth with a strong epoxy.

By default, noses are made from foam and covered by fleece, minky, neoprene, or spandex. Customers can also choose a resin or silicone nose made by DreamVision Creations. This option usually has a 6-8 week wait. These noses are glued onto the muzzle with a strong epoxy. 

Ears are attached during the furring stage. They are sewn onto the face fur and then glued down to the head for extra durability and clean seams. Eyebrows are also sewn into the fur instead of being glued on top. 

Hand Paws

All hand paws are unlined with lycra pillows in the fingers to give them their “puffy” look. Hand paws can be fully lined with lycra for an extra fee, but it is recommended that lycra gloves be worn with either version. The cuffs are finished with bias tape to prevent stretching. Our standard 4-fingered paws can be worn on either hand.

The pads can be made from fleece, minky, vinyl, or spandex, and are satin-stitched around their edges for a clean finish. Materials that could be perforated and lose their durability due to a satin stitch will be straight-stitched instead. Claws can also be made from fleece, minky, vinyl, spandex, or resin, and can be added for an extra fee. 

Feet Paws

Feet paws are slipper-style, can be worn on either foot, and are always lined with quilted broadcloth. Outdoor feet paws have an inner sole of anti-fatigue mat and a durable rubber sole with grips all glued together with contact cement. Indoor feet paws also have an anti-fatigue mat inner sole, as well as a furry outer sole, and satin-stitched paw pads made from fleece, minky, vinyl, or spandex. They are stuffed and the cuffs are lined with bias tape to prevent stretching. Claws can also be made from fleece, minky, vinyl, spandex, or resin, and can be added for an extra fee.


Tails come in different shapes and sizes, and all attach to your belt by durable nylon webbing. The ends of the nylon have been heat-treated to prevent unraveling and are triple-stitched to the tail. Tails that curl up, like huskies and shiba inus, are made with a foam base to prevent them from twisting and falling over. Longer tails are made with a firm foam base and have a hidden belt loop installed to hold them closer to your body. Floor dragging tails can also come with a wrist strap to keep them off the ground. 

Warranty and Gifts

All commissions come with a year warranty for repairs related to normal suiting activities, Big Snoot Suits stickers, a Big Snoot Suiter badge, and a Fursona Pins enamel pin of our mascot and Nick's fursona, Nick #824!

Customer Service

When you come to Big Snoot Suits to have your fursona brought to life, you can expect unparalleled customer service. No long queues means that each suit gets the time it deserves to be worked on and made the best it can be. You will be given an estimated completion date and updates will be frequent. Rarely do any of our clients go two weeks without being informed about the status of their commission. All messages will be answered in a timely manner with a friendly attitude. We will communicate to you any problems or delays and together we’ll find a solution. We are a team that you can depend on! 


We understand the search for a maker can be stressful and feel perilous. That being said, we're more than happy to be interviewed to see if we are the right maker for you. Feel free to reach out by email to or by Telegram @BigSnootSuits. Having a fursuit made should be fun and worry-free, and we intend to make it so!