Barty the Rhino

Mist the Dutch Angel Dragon

Hickory the Cow

RagingPineapple the Avali

Star Wish Childebrite the Wolf

Dahlia the Tiger

Jupiter the Pitbull Mix

Brother Luthin the Mouse

King Thomas Gungeus III the Rat

Softie the Dutch Angel Dragon

Sarcelle Flux the Sabercat

Nick the Red Wolf 2.0

Smyal the Hawaiian Dragatiel

Poptart the Goat

Nova the Utahraptor

Desmond the Japanese Ryu

Walker the Wusky

Aeon Graycloud the Snow Leopard

Leeroy the Bulldog

Thunderpup the Husky

Shanaki the Wolf

Nightshade the Wolf

Ren the Aardwolf

Nick the Red Wolf